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Ria The Poet

Can you imagine what it feels like to be a young child and not have your mother to hold you, bathe you, read to you, tuck you in at night?

I'm 65 and I still have my mom and I don't think there is any worse pain than you losing your mom at an early age.  That pain can only be equalled by possibly losing your child much too soon.

In either case, your cemetery plot, your burial ground becomes the new home where you loved ones come to see you.

Well, Dee had to leave her children when they were much to young to be going through that type pain, but I take them to see their mom, where they can talk with her and pray over her and they are becoming acclimated to that- but Dee has no headstone.  I had to bury her.  I don't have the money for a headstone, but Dee and her children deserve to know where to find her in that vast cemetery.  SHE NEEDS A HEADSTONE!  Someone help me please!

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